System technology

Sontex offers a wide range of wired and wireless communication solutions. These are supported by user-friendly operating programmes.
Because of its flexibility, Sontex is the preferred partner of building managers and energy providers.

Radio modem Supercom 636

The Supercom 636 radio modem is a handheld bidirectional data readout system. Supercom 636 is suitable for connection to a Pocket PC (PDA or tablet) with Bluetooth interface. The Sontex 916 and Tools Supercom readout and parameter setting software also contain customer-friendly route planning.

The radio modem consists of a SMD circuit equipped with a 433 MHz radio module and an external antenna. The use of standard protocols allows easy integration into various billing programmes. The sturdy industrial housing protects the electronics against possible damage.


Remote M-Bus display Sontex 624

The Sontex 624 is an M-Bus remote display for up to 30 M-Bus meters that can be read on site directly from the display. The remote display can be operated via push buttons or via the optical probe using the simple software delivered with it. The meters are detected automatically. The readout of the data is possible via the integrated RS232 interface from PC on site or via a modem. The number of predefined M-Bus meters can easily be extended.