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Sontex 566

Sontex 566 Electronic radio heat cost allocator Thanks to the bidirectional radio system, the Sontex 566 sends consumption data only when actually requested. Compared to standard radio systems, there is thus no disturbance from continuous radio signals. Data collection for heat cost allocation is obtained by “walk-by” or remote read off, thus meeting different

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Sontex 565

Sontex 565 Electronic heat cost allocator The Sontex 565 stands for precision while guaranteeing high measuring convenience and measurement resolution of consumption levels. By means of intelligent data collection, the heat cost allocator distinguishes unequivocally between summer and winter months, manipulations and other situations. Consumption data can be collected manually via the operating button

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Sontex 868

Sontex 868 Electronic wM-Bus radio heat cost allocator The new Sontex 868 heat cost allocator with mono-directional and standardised wM-Bus radio allows simple and flexible consumption recording. Meter reading can be carried out both remotely from a data recording centre or on site. More flexible read-out times are a further innovation. In addition, the

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Temperaturfühler 460

Temperaturfühler 460 Die Firma Sontex entwickelt und produziert Qualitäts-Temperaturfühler zur schnellen und präzisen Temperaturmessung für die unterschiedlichsten Applikationen. Die hochstehende Technologie ist aus der Produktion von Temperaturfühlerpaaren für Wärmezähler hervorgegangen. Diese hochpräzisen und genauen Temperaturfühler werden für die Energieverbrauchsmessung und -verrechnung eingesetzt. Wärmezählerrechenwerke arbeiten mit grösster Messauflösung, wodurch der Einsatz hochwertiger Temperaturfühler heute

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Supercal 531

Supercal 531 The multi-functional integrator The Supercal 531 multi-functional integrator features a modular concept. By using multi-functional technologies, it easily meets a variety of customer requirements. The integrator offers a choice of M-Bus, radio or SMS modules. It can also be upgraded with up to two retrofittable communication modules: M-Bus module M-Bus module with

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Radio module Supercom 580

Supercom 580 radio module The retrofittable, battery-powered remote radio module Supercom 580 is available for Elster capsule water meters MO-A and MOZ-A and for the Pico Flux water meter EV-A. Bidirectional Sontex remote radio technology permits consumption data to be retrieved with a mobile read-out device, a concentrator located in the building or directly from

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Radio module Supercom 581

Supercom 581 radio module The Supercom 581 radio module for Wehrle Modularis water meters can be retrofitted at any time without affecting calibration. Bidirectional Sontex remote radio technology enables readout of consumption data with a handheld read-out device, by way of a concentrator located in the building or directly from the accounting centre. You

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Radio modem Supercom 636

Radio modem Supercom 636 The Supercom 636 radio modem is a handheld bidirectional data readout system. Supercom 636 is suitable for connection to a Pocket PC (PDA or tablet) with Bluetooth interface. The Sontex 916 and Tools Supercom readout and parameter setting software also contain customer-friendly route planning. The radio modem consists of a SMD

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Concentrator Supercom 646

Concentrator Supercom 646 The Supercom 646 concentrator collects the data from up to 1,000 wireless devices. The concentrator can be read out over various on-site interfaces: optical probe, RS-232, USB, M-Bus or GSM/GPRS. Downloads  

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Remote M-Bus display Sontex 624

Remote M-Bus display Sontex 624 The Sontex 624 is an M-Bus remote display for up to 30 M-Bus meters that can be read on site directly from the display. The remote display can be operated via push buttons or via the optical probe using the simple software delivered with it. The meters are detected

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