Overview of Sontex products:

Statische Wärmezähler

Static heat meters

Battery- or mains-powered Superstatic heat and cooling meters (EN1434 Class 2) are unique, using a static measurement principle, hence without moving parts. Available in a wide range of flow rates, they are used in building technology and automation and in district heating. The fluidic oscillator principle used, where only the liquid flowing through moves, guarantees the precision and stability of measurements for reliable flow and energy readings. All heat meters can also be used as cooling meters, mounted either horizontally or vertically. Superstatic heat meters also work perfectly if the water is dirty or if magnetite deposits build up in the pipes. The fluidic oscillator principle was developed by NASA and refined by Sontex for measurement purposes.

Superstatic 739

Mechanical heat meters

The Supercal 739 mechanical heat meter is a compact heat meter to measure heating and cooling energy in a wide field of applications in home automation and can be easily integrated into a building management system or a smart metering environment thanks to its various data readout interfaces.

Supercal 531


The Supercal 531 integrator unit features the use of multi-functional technologies as well as its modular concept. It thus easily meets customer requirements, for simplified system integration or integration into a higher level monitoring unit. It is suitable for the measurement of heating, cooling and flow, and for combined heating/cooling measurement.

Sontex 566

Heat cost allocators

The new Sontex electronic heat cost allocators provide maximum flexibility in parameter setting, significant simplification when installing and commissioning and improved tracking of consumption levels. The range of products has been extended with a heat cost allocator that communicates via an OMS wireless M-Bus. Sontex heat cost allocators offer precision with maximum measuring comfort and guarantee high reliability in assigning the energy used. Consumption levels can be read off in various ways.

Supercom 581

Radio modules

Retrofittable battery-operated radio modules collect, store and transmit consumption levels or other relevant information. These originate from various models of water meters, measuring devices with pulse output or other devices that are in use in home automation. Data can be collected by proximity or remote readout. Depending on the type there are other communication interfaces available. All radio modules for water meters can be upgraded at any time without affecting calibration.


System technology

All Sontex devices can be integrated in a supervisory system, in particular for the remote readout of consumption data. The system consists of radio modems, central units and repeaters. These are available in various versions and can be combined according to their intended use. A wired connection is also possible to a variety of systems. Sontex provides very flexible data formats and configurations and high-level data security for data collection.